Hellbreed Paladin

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Hellbreed Paladin

Beitrag  Zipfelschnupfen am 25th August 2014, 10:35

Ich würde gerne mal einen Hellbreed Paladin of Cuthbert spielen.

Der Build würde irgendwie so aussehen:

Hellbreed (Body) (Fiendish Codex II)
1 Paladin - Cuthberts Smite (DC), Devil's Favor (Bonus)(FC II)
2 Paladin
3 Paladin - True Believer (CD)
4 Paladin - Holy Warrior (CC), Weapon Focus (Heavy Mace), Devil's Flesh (Bonus)(FC II)
5 Paladin - Chargin Smite (PH II)
6 Pious Templar (CD) - Extra Smite (CW)
7 Pious Templar
8 Pious Templar
9 Pious Templar - Law Devotion (CC), Power Attack (Bonus)

Cuthbert's Smite (Feat):
(Dragon Compendium)


You can smite chaotic creatures as well as evil ones.

Ability to smite evil, Patron deity St. Cuthbert,

Your smite evil class ability also works against chaotic creatures. Additionally, you may use your smite ability one more time per day. If you accidentally smite a creature that is not chaotic or evil, the smite has no effect but is still used up for the day. Smite evil and smite chaos are supernatural abilities.

All hellbred share the following racial traits:
• Humanoid (Hellbred)
• Infernal Mien (Ex):  +2 racial bonus on Intimidate checks.
• Evil Exception (Ex): Regardless of alignment or class restrictions,
a hellbred can cast spells with the evil descriptor and
never gains negative levels while wielding evil magic items.
• Hellbound (Su): A devil has a claim on a hellbred’s soul. As a
result, a hellbred can be restored to life only by a resurrection
spell or greater magic.
• Devil’s Favor: A hellbred gains Devil’s Favor as a bonus feat
• Infernal Aspect:  a hellbred chooses one of the following aspects
Body (Ex):  +4 bonus on saves against poison.  +2 Con -2 Int
At 4 HD, he gains a bonus devil-touched feat.
At 14 HD, he gains another bonus devil-touched feat.
Spirit (Su): darkvision out to 30 feet  +2 racial bonus on
Sense Motive checks.  +2 Cha –2 Con.
At 6 HD, his darkvision extends to 60 feet.
At 9 HD, his darkvision extends to 120 feet.
At 12 HD, he gains the ability to see in darkness, even
that created by a deeper darkness spell.
At 15 HD, he gains telepathy out to 100 feet. (See MM
316 for details.)
• Automatic Languages: Infernal. Hellbred gain the ability
to speak Infernal upon their transformation, but they do
not lose the ability to speak languages they previously
knew before the Scourging.
• Favored Class: Paladin. A multiclass hellbred’s paladin
class does not count when determining whether he takes
an experience point penalty for multiclassing. Furthermore,
hellbred paladins can leave that class and return to
it without penalty.

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